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The Organization of Rural Oklahoma Schools

Adopted November 11, 2021






The Organization of Rural Oklahoma Schools

OROS opposes any requirement for consolidation of public schools or combining administrative units based on student population, total number of school districts or geographical size of school districts.

OROS supports a long term funding solution with increased operational dollars for Oklahoma public schools that will bring us to a regional competitive per pupil spending level.


OROS opposes mandates that do not come with the appropriate funding to implement those mandates.


OROS opposes any efforts to take away the local control of locally elected officials.

OROS supports funding levels that will allow our schools to recruit and retain high quality teachers by ensuring educators have a defined benefit at retirement and by increasing teacher pay to compete with the other states in our region.


OROS supports legislation to force virtual charters to follow the same transparency, financial accountability, oversight and accreditation standards as all public schools.  OROS also supports changes to the current funding for virtual charter schools.

OROS supports an accountability system that is statistically sound; relevant to students, parents and educators; and fully represents the complexity of educating all students. We also ask that any accountability system apply to all Oklahoma schools receiving state financial support.

OROS supports effective, efficient and relevant student testing that aligns the exit standards of common education with the entrance standards of higher education and the workforce. Any student assessment data should be delivered to school districts by August 1 each year. Student assessments must provide modified opportunities for students on individualized education plans.

OROS supports the Legislative efforts to stop the further erosion of local tax revenues that support school districts such as TIF and Tax Protest reform.

OROS supports Legislative efforts to thoroughly review all state tax exemptions or credits to insure the benefits to Oklahoma’s economy outweigh any adverse effects on the ability to properly fund public schools.


OROS opposes any legislative efforts to redirect appropriated state dedicated funds or any changes to the funding formula which would result in a loss to our school districts.  Any potential changes to the formula must include a substantial influx of new revenue to protect school districts from a loss in funding.

OROS supports a simple majority requirement for passage of school bond issues.

OROS supports providing funding to allow school districts to adequately provide the professional development that supports the TLE evaluation system.

OROS supports efforts to protect Flex Benefit Allowance funding for all school employees.

OROS opposes legislation to expand vouchers, ESA, tax credits or other programs that divert state tax dollars

to private education entities.